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Plain and simple, I want to help people. Personal experiences have taught me that life can be hard, but we can all help each other in some way. Personally knowing the healing and relaxing power that spending time in God's creation can have, I envision Heritage & Habitat LLC partnering with interested landowners to bring encouragement, healing, and hope to others through high-quality outdoor experiences. That may sound unusual to some, but research has shown that time spent outdoors can significantly reduce stress, risks of certain diseases, behavior issues in children, and can increase overall quality of life. If you are a landowner and are interested in sharing access to your land for a few days a year to provide a hunting, fishing, or other outdoor opportunity to someone struggling with life, youth who may need mentoring, or just to say thank you to those who serve us (wounded warriors, veterans, active military, fire fighters, EMTs, police), please give me a call. I'm looking forward to making Heritage & Habitat LLC a company with a solid reputation for its excellence in providing wildlife and land management services to landowners. However, I'm more excited about making it a company known for helping improve our communities and the lives of people that live and work there. It's time we make our land and communities even better than we found them. Let's do this together. 

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